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An inspiring social movement empowering young women

A Social Enterprise and Lifestyle Brand

Vivid™ is a lifestyle brand and social enterprise. Its mission is to bring together and empower teenage girls and young women with practical personal tools to create happy, successful, and fulfilled lives, reaching their full potential as positively determined by them, and not by society or media stereotypes.

An inspiring social movement

Vivid is a vibrant community-building social movement using artistic and creative expression to bring modern women together and to empower positive and successful futures for them.

This is achieved by delivering community and online programmes in tune with our Vivid Beauty ethic in which we use a combination of creative, artistic, and physical outlets, combined with mentoring to enrich their lives and wellbeing. This ethos also develops a strong sense of self, confidence of expression, creativity in the arts (dance, style, photography, poetry and more), and a collaborative community network to help to form a balanced, productive, happy and healthy lifestyle.

If our message resonates with you, you can join the movement from wherever you are in the world. For instance, by joining our social media channels – Follow, Comment, Like, Share; get involved with the conversations and help to spread our message. You can also support our community enterprises by purchasing any of our items for sale.

A Brand and a Social Enterprise

Vivid is an up-and-coming lifestyle brand. The products and services that we offer for sale help to fund and support the life-changing, valuable work we do with young women in the community.

A percentage of all profits from sales are transferred to 21st Century Female, our Community Interest Company (CIC), in order to carry out work in the community with girls who need it the most.

You can treat yourself or a loved one to a selection of jewellery, clothing, and arts items; or invest in your own growth by signing up to an online programme or one-to-one mentoring, knowing that when you do so, not only are you gaining something for yourself, you are also contributing to supporting the development of other women and girls.

Group of girls

Kick-Starting Real Social Action & Change

Our Vivid 21 programme for young women, aged 16-24, incorporates a social action project whereby the participants create an art item to sell in the community.

Treat yourself & support our cause

In 2016-17, our first product was created by our Borehamwood group. 100% of the profits from this item will go towards funding the next programme in the same area. “The Woman I Will Be” is a poetry and photography book. You can buy it here: