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Bringing Awareness of Natural Beauty and Expression to Young People

Vivid Beauty Ethic

Beauty is nature-designed and self-defined. We are vivid.

Meaning, your unique beauty was given to you by nature. It is YOUR choice how you define it.  You can embrace it, or you can let society tell you what you are and what you are not.

Vivid Beauty is the ethos underlying everything we do! We bring this ethos to our Vivid workshops and programmes; to build-up body image, social confidence and personal expression via dance, make-up, fashion, poetry and other artistic outlets. It is particularly aimed at teens and young women. Our interpretation of beauty, like that of Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc, is that there is no “definition of beauty”, just beautiful diversity, even more so when confidently and authentically expressed.

Vivid Beauty is a new paradigm, a new way of seeing yourself and your physicality. It’s a concept I created to offer a reframe of our understanding of ‘Beauty’ and ‘Perfection’ in a world which is constantly telling us that we are not good enough!” – Corina Best

Corina in flowers

Vivid Beauty incorporates themes of love, connection, balance, presence and nature along with the power of artistic and creative channels which uncover each individual’s unique gifts and true expression. The aim is for young women and girls to understand how to recognise and embrace their feminine power and realise their true worth.

Dear beautiful person,

I have a message of Beauty to share with you and with all women and girls around the world.

I wish for you to know that your beauty is nature-designed and self-defined; and that your physical and non-physical manifestation are equally beautiful and directive of your purpose on this earth.

In other words – you do not need to conform to society’s labels and stereotypes! You are an example of unique Beauty! Go to the mirror and take a very close look at yourself. Can’t see it?

The Vivid Beauty paradigm can teach you HOW to get to this place of self-acceptance and self-appreciation. It has the power to transform the human understanding of beauty, and thus, transform our ability to be happy, healthy and successful by our own standards.

Find our Be Vividly You community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, if you are ready to learn to love your unique beauty, discover who you really are and be vividly you on purpose!

Your friend and mentor, Corina 🙂

Emma - Aged 23

“What I love about the sessions is that the day I walked in I got to be me, and that is so rare.”

“You’ll go in scared and come out a different person”

– Teen, Dance & Fashion Project, Bushey

Body image and social confidence

Body image has become a thing for kids, especially young girls, even from the age of 5. Before even puberty, by age 7, some 25% of children have dieted in one way or another because of body concerns, with 50% of all young girls aged 6-8 wanting to be thinner. 36% of girls aged 7-10 believe looks to be paramount. What’s more, the trend is getting worse. Leading to a mounting crisis in body confidence among teens.

Kirsty applying make-up

“I change outfits eight times before I leave. I can’t ever find something that I think I look good in.”

Juliana Lyons, 19 – creator of ‘Beautifully Flawed



Learn how to express your personal style by understanding “the science behind body shapes associated with clothing lines” and colour. Experience and express your own unique style by learning the foundations of makeup and fashion, what and what not to wear, how best to dress for your natural shape, and to feel confident in your own skin and preferred clothing. Your clothing, hair and make- up choices do not define you! What they do, is give you a way to physically express who you are in a creative way.

“The main thing I have learnt since working with Corina (in my opinion the most important thing out of all) is being confident, I have learnt to accept myself the way I am no matter what other people think of me and I have understood from Corina that it is better being yourself as you will never succeed in pretending to be someone else or someone that you are not.” – Natalia, aged 17

Natalia on leaves

Towards a better view of you

Realising you are beautifully formed and made, able to express yourself with fashion and makeup, goes a long way to engender social confidence and body positivity. A healthy and positive image of your body, of your innate beauty, boosts self-esteem, especially when faced with the modern world’s onslaught of advertising and social media celebrity selfies pushing a so-called perfect appearance.

The average teen girl is exposed to more than 3 hours-a-day of media images.

Whilst beauty may lie in the “eye of the beholder”, the primary beholder is the young person looking at themselves in a mirror or reflective smartphone screen, or when comparing themselves to others on the internet or in a glossy magazine. They should not be pandering to the ‘male gaze’ or the model talent scout. They are almost assaulted by advertising showing impossible touched-up media images of thin female models and actresses who appear beautiful by modern standards and look happy on the surface, but scratch beneath and they might answer differently.

How important, therefore, to create security in one’s image and shape from a young age as insulation against that bombardment of beautiful images making the onlooker feel ugly, fat, and worse, unloved, potentially leading to eating disorders, depression, and self-harm.

“I think what we do works because we genuinely care about every individual, we create programmes that are relatable to them. For example the section we do on hair, beauty and fashion is really important. It focuses on real, natural beauty: things like your body structure and how to dress well. It helps the women recognise their unique attributes and gain confidence in themselves.” – Corina Best

Contact Corina if you would like her to deliver a Vivid fashion, makeup and dance workshop for teens or young 20s to build positive body image, personal style, a courageous fashion sense, and social confidence, through her 21st Century Female CIC.

These bespoke one-off workshops and annual Vivid Teen and Vivid 21 programmes can include:

  • Dance
  • Science of Personal Dress
  • Makeup
  • Poetry
  • Photography