Having a Voice about issues important to young women

Vivid 21 Programme Contents

Vivid 21 is a social movement empowering young females to ‘Have a Voice’ about issues that are important to them.

“The purpose of Vivid 21 is to instil a strong sense of self and community amongst young females with a focus on helping them to develop a voice about things that are important to them (and communicate their point of view with clarity). The group also participates in a social action art project. We use a combination of creative, artistic and physical outlets combined with mentoring.” – Corina Best

We offer a creative mentoring-programme for women aged 16-24 focused on ‘Having a Voice,’ blending life skills and personal development sessions with creative artistic workshops to instil self-confidence and self-esteem in them.

It is really important that everyone has a chance to learn about their own individuality, find their own voice, and then to express it and themselves, confidently.

Emma - Aged 21

“It’s where I came alive… where I get to be me and that builds into the rest of my life.”

Our Vivid 21 programme for young women, aged 16-24, incorporates a social action project whereby the participants create an art item to sell in the community.

Taz - Aged 18

“Everyone is really selfless here… people to support you, people you can call that you know will be there for you.” 

A Safe


Creating a community of like-minded people around them where they feel safe, free from bullying or stereotyped expectations, and supported on this journey is part of what Vivid 21 offers.

“All of the work I do has a theme of uncovering unique self-expression and the development of a positive self-image; using artistic and creative channels to get there. I see these as foundational life skills contributing to each one’s capability to excel in whatever they choose.” – Corina Best

We believe these are a key part of the basis for creating a happy, healthy, and successful life, and if a person can tap in to this and understand it they will become much better equipped to achieve and enjoy all they want out of life.

Empowering Poetry

In 2015, we created our first campaign, “Am I Perfect Yet?”. The girls debated the idea of perfection through poetry which they wrote and performed.

A 21st Century Female Vivid 21 Production:

Participating women have said that writing poetry “does help with how you feel inside”, and that “We have found we really love poetry; it’s very powerful.”

“The poetry has really been about getting them to have the confidence to have a voice about things that are important to them and to be able to verbalise it and express it.” – Corina Best

treat yourself & support our cause

In 2016-17 our first product was created by our Borehamwood group. 100% of the profits from this item will go towards funding the next programme in the same area. “The Woman I Will Be” is a poetry and photography book. You can buy it here: