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The Woman I Will Be


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The Woman I Will Be is a collection of poetry & photography created by the Vivid 21 group  in 2016/17.

This group of young females aged 15-24 from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK – explored what it means to them to be a woman in the 21st century; each one developing her unique voice through various artistic channels so she can freely express who she is and what matters to her.

This book and the work of Vivid & 21st Century Female is for every female who feels ‘less than’ or ‘not good enough’ and for those who feel marginalised, censored or who live with oppression in any form. It is for those who may feel alone, scared or are hurting in some way.  It is for those who want to step up and have barriers they need to break down first, and for those who are already stepping up and perhaps need a little push and a supportive community from time to time to help them to keep going. This book is dedicated to all the girls and women who have no idea just how awesome they really are.

100% of the proceeds from this book will go towards providing growth opportunities for young females.  Thank you to our sponsors  Instant Print and JHo Design who made it possible by donating their time and services to produce this book.

When you buy this book, you are getting a really cool collectible item whilst supporting the health and well being of young females and the Vivid value that unique self expression and community mindedness are beneficial to all our lives; and backing the growth of an England based social enterprise. Thank you in advance.

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