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Discover how to be happy, content and confident in your body every day

Developing personal and body confidence

Be Vividly You is a developing online community for millennial women and girls. It aims to challenge conventional expectations of beauty and instead build a very individual and authentic confidence in personal expression using our Vivid Beauty ethos.

“Beauty is not limited to the boundaries that our society has created for it. In nature, there is no ‘ideal’ image of beauty. Be Vividly You is an online community where you can build your body confidence by learning a new way of seeing yourself and your physicality.” – Corina Best

The web-based community seeks to provide beneficial products and selected services centred around connecting you with an awareness of your natural beauty, unique style and confident self-expression; and helping you to achieve authentic body confidence.

Online material and programme content will focus on “Finding your unique style” and “Discovering a new paradigm of Beauty”. Changing both your own and the world’s concept of beauty to one that is personal and positive will create a new mindset, one that is full of wellbeing and self-worth, rising above the shallow and damaging images presented to society by the media.

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