Personal Style Educator

In January 2016, Corina graduated as a personal style consultant in the Science of Personal Dress, honoured to have been mentored through the training course by pioneer creator Irenee Riter.

“The science of color analysis, body analysis and face analysis exhibited by nature’s lines and color templates. The intent of this work is to provide ‘the box of crayons’ for everyone (men, women and children) to use and apply to the art of personal dress… a window through which to view the order, harmony, inclusive oneness and beauty of all creation.” – Irenee Riter

Group of girls

Finding Your Unique Style

Since completing this training, it has become a key offering within her annual Vivid Teen and Vivid 21 programmes. Further, Corina has developed a programme “Finding Your Unique Style” which combines the principles of the Science of Personal Dress with her own concept The Vivid Beauty Paradigm.

She has also designed a one-off workshop which can be delivered in schools, youth & community settings. This workshop introduces key elements from her wider programmes which support the healthy development of body image/confidence and self-esteem.

“This is a straightforward system with a 40 year track record of success, which is backed up with science; offering a combination of easy-to-apply (style & beauty) concepts which are fun, creative and empowering and will change the way you view yourself so you can be happy, content and confident in your body.  I guarantee that once you know how it all works, you will view yourself and the world through completely new eyes. Suddenly BEAUTY will be everywhere. And once you can see it, guess what?  You can’t un-see it.” – Corina Best

This offer can be delivered on a one-to-one or group basis.

If this is of interest to you, please contact Corina to discuss your specific needs.