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Founder of Vivid
Founder of 21st Century Female C.I.C.
Creator of the Vivid Beauty Paradigm
Creator of Vivid Teen & Vivid 21 Community Programmes

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Artistic Social Entrepreneur

In Spring 2013 Corina designed and launched an all-female programme, now  branded Vivid Teen – incorporating dance, fitness and finding your unique style in fashion – for teenage girls aged 11-16. It has been an overwhelming success.

Within 4 weeks of launching, the programme was nominated for a national award of  ‘Best New Project’  by national charity StreetGames; placing in the top 3 out of 40 nominees.  There has been considerable support for the programme and  since its inception, demand for it has steadily grown. It has now been delivered in several  locations.

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In Spring 2014 Corina created and launched  another programme, “Vivid 21” aimed at  young ladies aged 14-24 – which is centered around the idea of ‘Having a Voice’ for issues that are important to them.  The programme incorporates a blend of creative activities mixed with personal skills development and one-to-one/group mentoring, including finding your unique style in fashion, make up, poetry, photography, dance/fitness, and a social action project.

The basis of both these programmes is about using creative arts to instil self-esteem, confidence, and a can do attitude in to young females. Girls taking part have the opportunity to develop their own personal style and expression whilst improving creativity, free-thinking and key life skills. Alongside this, building  ‘sista solidarity’ – an intergenerational network of females who support each other.

Corina is the creator of the Vivid Beauty Paradigm – a concept and teachings that has the power to transform our understanding of Beauty. She created this to offer a reframe of our understanding of ‘Beauty’ and ‘Perfection’ in a world which is constantly telling us that we are not good enough!  It offers a new way of seeing yourself and your physicality. This viewpoint has now become the underpinning message of all her work.

In 2014 Corina was awarded an Unltd Social Entrepreneur Grant. Unltd invested in her again in 2015 and 2016 to support her in turning her venture in to a social enterprise. Today Vivid is a budding lifestyle brand and inspiring social movement for young women of the 21st Century to be a part of.

Currently working on the development of a range of  jewellery, clothing, and arts items; the products and services offered for sale through the Vivid brand, help to fund and support the life-changing, valuable work we do with young women in the community. A percentage of all profits from sales are transferred to our Community Interest Company, 21st Century Female (CIC), in order to carry out work in the community with girls who need it the most.