Dance Instructor

Corina has been identified as one of the emerging leaders in the UK dance industry and  was one of only thirty people selected to be a part of the prestigious Artist Bank Leadership Enterprise (ABLE) in Spring 2013.

Corina is one of the groundbreakers for the UK waacking scene and began her waacking journey in 2008 with a curiosity for a street dance style that allowed for femininity in a male dominated culture.  She was instrumental in introducing this style in to the UK.

Although a founding member of the UK’s first waacking crew, Corina felt an inner calling for more. Before long she became Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones’ apprentice, focusing primarily on Shway-Style (Shabba-Doo’s Way) culminating in a leap of faith move to Los Angeles, California in 2012 to train intensively and exclusively with him. Here she learnt the basics of the complete repertoire of Shway-Style and Shway Theory (which incorporates many concepts that can support the development of street dancers of any discipline). During mid-October 2012 to mid-January 2013, Corina spent a further 3 months training with him in London, UK. And again in September 2014.

She is a fully certified Shway Dance Instructor with comprehensive, practical knowledge, complete with a set of enhanced skills and a keen, universal understanding of its essence as well as the artistry of the dance form.

Corina is the first person worldwide (and one of only three), qualified by creator Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones to teach the style which he has been developing over the last 40 years; and she is working closely with him to launch this beautiful dance form more widely in to the world. It is an awesome art, in fact she always refers to it as LOVE wrapped up in a dance. So keep your eyes peeled.

She has danced in and managed a number of amateur and semi‐professional dance crews. While performing she represented the UK in the World Hip Hop International Championships in Las Vegas, USA – after winning the coveted 2nd place in the UK finals with Toyboxx Dance Company.

In 2011 she completed her Certificate of Continuing Education Performance Studies: Dance (Contemporary Dance) with Birkbeck University. And in 2015 she completed further CPD dance teacher training with Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

As well as offering dance in her Vivid Teen and Vivid 21 programmes, she is available to book for private and group tuition. You can find out more about her dance offering and contact her with your specific requirements.

Group Fitness Instructor

Corina is an advocate of the importance of physical fitness for optimum happiness and health.

A qualified fitness and dance instructor with YMCAfit , Corina has taught and worked with many young people and adults, using fitness training as a tool to help them to develop physical and mental strength, confidence and life skills.