Corina is the author of “The Confused Artist” (E-book).  Written in 2016, this  book explores; Why it is crucial that you find and embrace your unique self expression. And how you might do it.

In our cluttered busy lives and world, we often lose ourselves. Or perhaps because of varying factors, never had the chance to know who we really are before the world around us took over.

Within this book, she asks and attempts to answer through examples of her own life journey, some crucial questions such as – How do we get to know ourselves? How do I ‘just be myself’, stay ‘true to me‘ and how do I know if I am being authentic?

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Although my personal mission is focused around the empowerment of young females, this does not mean I don’t value the importance of empowerment for all.  And I believe that my story can offer insight to budding artists and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and genres.” – Corina Best

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The Confused Artist

She dedicates this book to all artists who have never fully explored their creativity, or those who haven’t given themselves permission to step out. Her wish is that it will be the spring board that gives them the trust and self-belief to take the next step in their life, whatever that may be.

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Corina loves to write, regarding herself as a recreational poet and a prolific journal writer. Often using these as tools to share, question, problem-solve and refine, her thoughts and feelings about the world around her, societal injustices, creative and artistic expression, the beauty of nature (the natural world) and human nature, community and connection.