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About Corina

Corina Lucy Best is the founder of lifestyle brand Vivid™ and community organisation 21st Century Female C.I.C.

Her ethos is Empowerment Through Creativity.

She is a social entrepreneur and creative artist, on a mission to help teenage girls and young women embrace who they are amidst the social and stereotyping pressures of modern life.

It is her aim to bring together and empower teenage girls and young women with practical personal tools to create happy, successful, and fulfilled lives, reaching their full potential as determined by them, and not that which is pushed on us by society or media stereotypes.

creator of

Vivid Beauty

She is the creator of Vivid Beauty  which is a concept and teachings that has the power to revolutionise our (human) understanding of Beauty so we can embrace our unique natural physicality and recognise our personal power; and thus, increase our ability to be happy, healthy and successful by our own standards .

Beauty is nature-designed and self-defined. We are vivid.

In other words, your distinctive beauty was given to you by nature. It is YOUR choice how you define it.  You can embrace it, or you can let society dictate what you are and what you are not. I don’t advise the latter.

Vivd Beauty is a new paradigm, a new way of seeing yourself and your physicality. It’s a concept I created to offer a reframe of our understanding of ‘Beauty’ and ‘Perfection’ in a world which is constantly telling us that we are not good enough!

I believe we are all nature-designed and self-defined which points to every single one of us being on an individual and perfect journey. This is the message which underpins and drives my work.

 All of the work I do has a theme of uncovering unique self-expression and the development of a positive self-image; using artistic and creative channels to get there. I see these as foundational life skills contributing to each one’s capability to excel in whatever they choose.”

How can I help you?

My offerings

Corina has a multi-faceted skill set in arts, creativity and business. It is this versatility that led her to the Vivid vision, to create her organisation and programmes; and gives her the confidence and drive to see it all in to fruition.

She is a dancer, dance teachergroup fitness instructor, mentor, make-up artist,  Science of Personal Dress consultantauthor of “The Confused Artist” (E-book), amateur writer, poet and jewellery maker. Her business experience includes marketer, event and project manager, youth project worker, youth researcher, public speaker, business owner and 3-times Unltd award winner.

If you would like to know more about any of these skills and what she can offer to support you, you can explore further in the about section. Or, if you feel that she might be able to help you but you are not sure how, get in touch, tell her what’s up and let her work with you to come up with a solution 🙂

Corina Shway Teacher 3

Workshops & Programmes

For Individuals & Groups

Corina has designed and delivers two annual workshop programmes – Vivid Teen and Vivid 21 as well as a one-off body image workshop. She can also tailor something specific for your requirements.

Contact her  if you would like her to deliver a Vivid dance, fashion and makeup workshop for teens or young 20s to build positive body image, personal style, a courageous fashion sense, and social confidence, through her 21st Century Female CIC.

These bespoke one-off workshops and annual Vivid Teen and Vivid 21 programmes can include:

  • Dance
  • Science of Personal Dress
  • Makeup
  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Mentoring
  • Social Action Project

Let’s Connect! 

I‘m an all-round creative fairy, a proud mama to a beautiful boy, self expression encourager, self empowerment advocate, and have a fascination with all forms of creative and artistic expression, the beauty of nature (the natural world) and human nature, community and connection. I am also launching an online community Be Vividly You.

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