Corina Best

Ethos and Mission

Young women and girls in the UK, in the 21st Century, have rarely been less happy, more fearful, worried about appearance, prospects, suffering from poor physical and mental health, and having low self-esteem. It’s time that changed.

“All of the work I do has a theme of uncovering unique self-expression and the development of a positive self-image; using artistic and creative channels to get there. I see these as foundational life skills contributing to each one’s capability to excel in whatever they choose.” – Corina Best

Vivid 21 Borehamwood Team End of Project Event

Corina Best


Corina Lucy Best is a social entrepreneur and creative artist on a mission to help teenage girls and young women embrace who they are and reach their full potential amidst the social and stereotyping pressures of modern life.

Her social enterprise “Vivid seeks to promote positive wellbeing, inner and outer health through arts, dance, style, creativity, and confidence building exercises that will empower the female youth of today for all tomorrow’s challenges ahead of them.

“Through my work it is my intention to help to instill in every young woman a strong sense of self and community, the confidence to have a voice and speak up about things that are important to them, and a belief in each one’s own capability to strive for and achieve success as defined by them.” – Corina Best

21st Century Female C.I.C.

21st Century Female (21CF) is the organisation through which we fund and deliver life-changing social programmes in the community, for young women in the UK today.

21st Century Female and local community ambassadors surveyed 122 girls and women in Borehamwood and found “lack of confidence, self-esteem, relationships and education” to be their most common issues. “74% felt there was no place for them to go for guidance on the things that matter to them.” Corina Best is aiming to plug that gap by delivering workshops and programmes and social action projects via her community organisation 21CF.

Among many other things, Corina is a dance teacher, fitness instructor, personal style consultant, make up artist, mentor, and knowledgeable researcher on youth needs. Read more about Corina on the about page.

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